has you covered when you need directions. If you ever need to commute anywhere in Metro Manila, you know where to look!

But what if you're trying to help a friend navigate to your next hangout spot? Or trying to direct customers to your awesome new restaurant?

We have you covered, too. has several convenient ways to share directions and destinations via links.

1. From your computer

In most cases, you can just copy the URL in your browser's location bar! This will preserve both the origin and destination.


Note that if you set time/date preferences, the URL will also preserve these. This can be helpful if you are sharing routes with a specific schedule or availability.

❗️ Destination links can be useful if you want to make a "commute here" link for your restaurant, party, or event.

The destination will be pre-filled for the user, and visitors need only enter where they are coming from.

If you enter just the origin or destination on the site, the link will contain only the origin or destination.

creating an destination-only link

If you are having trouble creating a destination-only link, note that we might fill in the origin with your current location automatically. You can clear it before copying the URL in your browser's location bar.

Coming Soon:

We'll also be building tools and features that will help you create links more easily. Stay tuned!

2. Mobile Apps

In our iOS and Android apps, you can find a share button in the upper-right corner, or at the bottom of search results.

sharing on iOS and Android

You can then send these links via the installed apps on your phone, like Facebook, Viber, Telegram, or SMS. You can also copy the link to paste it elsewhere.

These links work similarly to those copied from the browser. There is currently no way of generating origin- or destination-only links from the mobile apps, but we are working on this. For now, if you need an origin- or destination-only link, you can visit the website on your mobile browser, and follow the steps in Section 1.

3. Advanced Integrations

We also have some advanced features that you may want to know about:

We can give you branded links like these we did for Metro Manila Pride 2017 and 2018.

These examples are destination-only links that point to the venue of the event.

If you're interested in these links, please reach out to us at!

URL schema

For developers, the URL schema of our links is as follows:,121.03&to=14.531,120.98&date=2102-12-04&time=05:30


  • from represents the origin in latitude and longitude
    • e.g. 14.12456,131.034858
  • to represents the destination in latitude and longitude
    • e.g. 14.12345,131.912445

At least one of from and/or to is required.

  • date represents the departure date of the user.
    • format is in form YYYY-MM-DD.
    • e.g. 2019-03-25
  • time represents the departure time of the user.
    • format is in form HH:MM, in 24-hours.
    • e.g. 09:30

date and time are optional, but if you include one, you must include the other. (i.e. you cannot only include either only date or time.)

If omitted, we will use the current date and time.

We also accept links that start with, like:,long&to=lat,long&date=2019-03-25&time=09:30

You can use this scheme to procedurally generate links. For example, you might run a website with several property listings, or branches of an establishment. You can write code in your website or CMS that will generate links automatically for each of your pages.

App Deeplinking

If you are a developer creating a mobile app for iOS or Android, and you would like to integrate with, you can use our deeplinking URL schema.


The mobile app deeplink schema supports the same parameters as web URLs. (from, to, date, time) Please see the URL schema section above.

Using our custom URL schema, your app can open the native app if it is installed, and pre-fill the origin, destination, or both, as well as any date/time preferences if any.