Why are there no directions to/in [place outside Metro Manila]? :(

  • We currently have no comprehensive data in other areas yet. But don’t worry, we’re working on it! <3 We will slowly open up more areas as we get new (good) data.

Why no trikes?

  • Trikes are a bit tricky because the fare rules vary per area, and they’re registered in a local level. We’re slowly compiling data on this though! We’ll open up trikes in select areas in Metro Manila soon.

Why does the app make me get on/off a vehicle a little bit away from where I am/where I want to be?

  • Making an entire road pick up or drop off-able messes up routes and times, so we set pick up and drop off points along roads about 100m apart from each other. This is why sometimes it will tell you to get off/on a jeep a little bit away from where exactly you want.
  • We also prioritised stops in sheds and other pedestrian dense areas, so that new commuters feel more secure.
  • Also - we tried to remove all stops that actually outright have “no loading/unloading” signs or fences blocking the sidewalk from the street to promote safe and legal commutes.

Why are no routes showing up?

  • Right now, we only have routes inside Metro Manila. If either your from or to are outside Metro Manila, we won’t have any data to show.
  • If both locations are within MM though, and still nothing is showing up, please check the departure time of your search. There are less routes available late at night and early morning.
  • If still nothing shows, please feel free to leave us feedback via the app or via email at feedback@sakay.ph.

Why can’t I find the place I’m looking for?

Sorry about that! Sometimes our search results don’t have certain location names-- we’re working on it. In the meantime, try searching by street address. That should work!

Does this work offline?

We don’t have a full offline mode. But if you’re using the app, it will save the most recent search you made. You can use this to pre-load your search, and view the instructions offline.

How do I go to [insert place]?

Please go to https://sakay.ph and type in your route search!

Do you accept drivers?

Sorry, we don’t. We only show commute routes, we do not provide vehicles or rides.

Where is your store?

We don’t have one, sorry. We don’t sell anything-- but let us know if you’re interested in a t-shirt, maybe we can make one.

How can I submit alternate routes?

You can submit feedback through the app, or e-mail us at feedback@sakay.ph

What happened to free basics/lite?

There was a technical issue with our server, and it’s taking a while to fix. Don’t worry, we’re working on a better way to do this!