A Redesign of Bus Stops and Signage in Metro Manila

This article is also on Medium, where images may load better. Please feel free to leave comments! The team at By Implication does a lot of thinking about the difficulty of transport and commuting in Metro Manila. The problem is messy and multifaceted — it involves infrastructure, planning, inherited problems, population »

How to go to Ali Mall from Ali Mall

One kind of problem that gets reported to us are for places being in the wrong location. Some search results have the address correct, but when selected are in a completely different place. In Sakay, the search is handled by Google Maps, so you'd have the same problems showing up »

What's it like to commute in Metro Manila?

(Photo by Mark Balmores for the Manila Bulletin) What is it like to commute in Metro Manila? We've all heard and experienced stories that range from good to bad to worse. One Ma. Charmagne Cruz has written about her harrowing experience over at Quora, detailing what her typical commute day »

Understanding Data: Sakay.ph Statistics

Introduction Hello, Wil here! I handle deployment of the iPhone and iPad app of Sakay.ph, among other things at By Implication. One of these many things is data science and analysis. High-level data analysis involves a lot of math, but we can start with some basic exploratory data manipulation »

A (Very) Long Weekend: INC and EDSA, By the Numbers

The events of August 28 to August 31 have been the subject of much discussion and controversy. Here we present some solid facts, visualized. Sources: Affected people http://www.philstar.com/nation/2013/07/10/963881/mmda-proposes-expanded-number-coding-edsa http://www.philstar.com/nation/2015/02/06/1420829/provl-buses-may-use-edsa-tunnels-until-june http://www.interaksyon. »